Million dollar Boss Baby Taxi LLC

Hi my name is matt I am the owner of Million Dollar Boss Baby taxi LLc. I started up this service for the simple fact i realized that there are a

lot of people and customers who could use my services. I started this service and company up about 4 and a half months ago. Since then

business has been booming. I am missing calls and pickups from lansing hotel, detroit, grand rapids and out of state. I am working on fixing

the company car so that way i can send a car to your state so that i can deal with these pickups. the kind of service we offer would involve:

opening doors for customers, closing doors, we put away customers luggage/bags. When trip is over we removed the luggage/ bags for the

customer. Million Dollar Boss Baby taxi is working on shutting the usa down, as i have found out uber and lyft do not do very good service,

they either always say there is no car in area or they say they will be there in 5 minutes and 15 minutes later customer is like wow really so

they than call me for me to pickup. We do offer a few other services along with this company. One of those would be car pickup and delivery

for a fee and the cost of the trip. We also have been contacted about a party bus if you know anyone who has one please feel free to have

them contact me (269-532-4030). This is also a music production company, a therapist office in back seat of taxi car. Our mission is to be able

to pick up every customer that contacts us as we do not want to miss any customers as this can give us a bad rating and review, while also

offering the best service in the taxi industry. as long as you pay we can go wherever!!!!. While we are working this taxi we do have a lot of

comedical and movie like events happen in our life. People have already fallen in love with the company name and the services we offer.

Million Dollar Boss Baby taxi LLC now takes almost any kind of payment form excepts a check!!! I started this company so that we would be

set apart one of those things would be safety for your kids at all times if they ride with we ride through the whole state hazards on all the way

to let people know there is a baby or kid in the vehicle please be cautious!!!

Our company policies are as follows: all drivers must be license, all tags are legal, all plates are legal, car insurance is legal, car is owned by you legally and need to prove this as I will not be inviovled in any iilegal matters

All driver are required to run hazards if there is a kid or baby in taxi with the customer for duration of the ride

All drivers must be courtious and polite and help the customers by opening the car doors for them and closing, remove and store

away luggage bags for the customer.

All employees must registar all their money making apps with me and connect cashapp, square, credit card payments/debit

card payments while they are working for the company as I am owner and need to be taking something home every day and

need to cover all overheads so I need to keep track of all payments and all purchases while working under company time

We do not tolerate theifs so if you are a theif no need to apply!!

There will be no toleration of intoxications in my company car or any of my employees cars which means a customer can not bring an open container in car or any illegal substances of any sort in mine or any employees car!!!

Working for this company you either follow the rule set forth by me or you dont work

Customer cars must be cleaned properly meaning we use all leather cleaning products, we use carpet cleaner/spray/tire clean/ tire shine interior cleaniner, degreaser, and shiner, motor degreasing and shining, glass all cleaned, chrome features must be clean and sparkle or gleam for customer, car must also be polished fully

All Automotive dealerships will be requireed to pay what is set forth on my business cards as the price, ps no i will not do it for less!! all customers will be required to pay.

We will also require a credit or debit card on file before we leave for customer location and if you cancel beofre 5 minutes whatever you trip cost you will be charged half of the price for a cancellation fee

customer will be requird to place a card on file as soon as we recieve a taxi call so that way they cant back out from cancell fee

All employees can not go into competition with me once your are working for me you must not go into a seperate taxi service of their own for at least 4 years

Customers can also call 269-873-1590 his name is Trevor!!! This is another driver!